Accessible, comfortable visits

Disabled visitors and those accompanying them enjoy priority, no-wait access to the museum. The entrance is located on 10 Rue Gustave Flaubert.

Parking near the museum 

Two disabled-only parking spaces are located on Rue de l’Etape au vin.



Free admission for disabled visitors and persons accompanying them. Disabled visitors enjoy direct access to the entrance checkpoint and are kindly requested to present a valid disability card.

The museum is fully accessible to reduced-mobility visitors. Folding chairs and wheelchairs are made available upon simple request at the museum reception. In addition, audio guides equipped with an induction loop (for the hearing deficient) are also available upon request.

The museum welcomes all proposals for activities destined for disabled visitors, for persons benefitting from charitable, social-reinsertion and literacy programmes, and for persons undergoing medical treatment. The museum also offers tours and activities in LSF (French sign language) for the hearing-impaired.

For more information, please contact the booking office