Support the museum

Anyone can undertake to support the museum: individuals, self-employed entrepreneurs, small businesses, medium-sized companies and large corporations. 

Becoming a patron of the Camille Claudel Museum enables participation in local life, investing in new projects to give greater meaning to your business and promoting access to culture for large numbers of people. Each patron is free to support the museum on a one-off or long-term basis, and choose the projects that suit them best. These can take many forms: acquisition or restoration of a work of art, organization of a temporary exhibition, hosting artists in residence, or organization of cultural events (tours, workshops, lectures, live performances, etc.).

The commitment of each patron also has an impact beyond the walls of the museum, helping to make it better known to the general public, while contributing to its influence and vitality, and spreading the image of a supportive and dynamic region. Three forms of support are possible: financial sponsorship, sponsorship of skills or sponsorship in kind.